Dinaricum | Involvement in Population Management ofLarge Carnivores
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Involvement in Population Management of
Large Carnivores

Conservation of species is all about finding a compromise between needs and demands of wildlife and needs, expectations and demands of people. This is way easier when dealing with animals that don’t have needs for large areas or special resources and much more complex when dealing with larger animals that often come in conflicts with people, which is usually the case with large carnivores.

Dinaricum, has a status of a society acting in public interest and has the right to represent the interests of nature conservation in all administrative and judicial proceedings. We have been regularly involved in management of large carnivores in Slovenia for several years. We draw attention to shortfalls in management of large carnivores and strive to improve coexistence of humans and animals in a constructive way. We rely solely on expert reasoned arguments.

A representative of Dinaricum is involved in working group for management of large carnivores, together with representatives of governmental organizations, animal rights associations, hunting organization, livestock producers and other stakeholders.

The experts in Dinaricum also regularly prepares expert opinions about culling large carnivores, especially bears, and comments on documents on management of large carnivores, published by government organizations.

Documents prepared in the last few years will be on-line soon.

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