Dinaricum | Role of Large Carnivores in Menišija Forest
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Role of Large Carnivores in Menišija Forest

(c) Miha Krofel

Menišija forest harbor all three large carnivores living in Slovenia – wolves, lynxes and bears. Because large carnivores are often keystone species, preservation of their habitats are key to nature conservation. By connecting and protecting the habitats of large carnivores, we are single handedly preserving a plethora of other species using the same habitat. Other important endangered species taking refuge in these forests are white-backed woodpecker (Dendrocopus leucotos), Eurasian eagle-owl (Bubo bubo), alpine salamander (Salamandra atra) and beetle Rosalia alpina.

Europe-wide network Natura 2000, along with Krim hills, covers Menišija area. You can read more about large carnivores here.

Project leader: Miha Krofel

Duration of project: October 2006 –  December 2006

Publications (in Slovene):

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